How Does Zing Work?

If you are an advertiser you will purchase credits on our site, those credits will allow you to redeem for gifting one package to an influencer. Each influencer will cost various amounts of credits, so please be sure to look through all the influencers and their credit amounts ahead of time. Once you select the influencers you would like to gift items to, go to “check out” and you will be provided with an address closest to your location to ship the items to. Zing then safely and securely ships your products to each influencer and celebrity within 5 business days of receiving the items.

Does Zing guarantee an influencer will post your product?

While we have great relationships and are in partnership with each influencer, we do not guarantee social media support of your products. If the influencer likes your product or gift they are encouraged to post on social media by one of our representatives. Influencers over time will receive a star based rating that will show you if they are likely to share your gift on social media and bonus ratings if they tag your brand

As an advertiser, what are best practices for gifting?

With over 100+ combined years of creator economy experience, we have seen it all. Our team strongly believes in a personalized approach to gifting. Gift features like handwritten letters, custom boxes, gift cards, discount codes, and more make for a special gift, experience, and increased chance of influencers being a fan, customer, and supporter of your product.

  • Personalized Note (Be sure to spell their name right)
  • Fun/Photogenic Packaging
  • Gift cards and discount codes go a long way
  • Keep it simple
  • We find gifts that can fit in a mailbox are opened more frequently, easy to post to social media and cost effective ways to give your company a voice with influencers.
  • Sincerely, a name, number or email address goes a long way and could very well bridge a new relationship with a creator or celebrity.

Are there restrictions as to what I can gift?

Yes, we follow federal mailing laws. Please defer to USPS Restricted Items List . In addition, offensive material such as pornography, sex related products, or hate speech will not be tolerated and prohibited to gift. Your items will be opened by one of our staff members to ensure the safety and security of any Zing affiliate or influencer.

Free shipping is included with all packages less than 3lbs. If your gift is above the 3lb weight limit additional shipping fees will apply.

Can I expedite a gift?

Yes, please write in the “note” section of your order when you are hoping to have your products delivered, overnight ship your products to our facility, and include your best contact phone number. Expediting gifts could incur additional fee’s.